Family Day Hike at Roaring Forks Falls

Family Day Hike at Roaring Forks Falls

Located off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Yancey County’s Burnsville, and not far from Mount Mitchell, you can find Roaring Fork Falls. Nestled in the Black Mountain area of the Pisgah National Forest, this .5 mile out and back trail has only a mild incline and can be done in an hour or so.  Of course, you will be tempted to linger longer as this trail rewards you with the natural beauty of this gorgeous waterfall.

The surrounding forest beckons you with the promise of relaxation, peace, and escape. You will hear the tumbling water through the curtain of trees as you begin this hiking adventure. Along the way, you will pass the remnants of two concrete structures that will peak your curiosity and beckon you to explore inside. These bunkers, that hold stories of the past, now bellow the great echoes of the present. Children and the young at heart will not be able to resist speaking into the mouths of the concrete structures and will delight in hearing their words whispered back.  

Continuing along the trail you will see that it veers to the right, and then crosses a wooden bridge. The 100-foot falls are right ahead.

Sit on the rocks and treat yourself to a picnic lunch. Enjoy an amazing view of the cascading waters and sparkling pools, all the while being serenaded by the babbling stream.

Roaring Fork Falls is suitable for all skill levels, and you can walk your dog on its leash. This gravel and dirt path climbs gently, and while enjoyable for all levels of hikers, is not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers.

This trail is well marked, wide and well maintained.  Parking is limited with 5-6 spaces located on the opposite side of the road from the trailhead. You will need to cross the road and go around the around the gate with the “Road Closed” sign. This is where the trail begins.

Roaring Fork Falls is located at 208 Busick Work Center Road in Burnsville NC.

To get to Roaring Fork Falls: take highway 80 onto South Toe River Road.  Turn left at the Busick Work Center sign off the South Toe River Road. After ¼ mile, this road will end with the trail parking area on the left. Roaring Fork Falls is only 3 miles from Setrock Falls and Black Mountain Campground. We did the Setrock Falls hike as a seperate outdoor adventure, but both hikes could easily be completed in a day.

The bottom line is; this fun and free activity is a MUST DO!

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